Louisiana Forestry Association

The mission of the Louisiana Forestry Association is to promote the health and productivity of Louisiana's forests for present and future generations through the practice of Sustainable Forestry.

The Louisiana Forestry Association was formed in 1947 to foster the practice of forestry, to rebuild the state's cut-over lands, and to build a healthy forest industry. Now, 50 years later, forests cover 48% of the state's land area and forestry is the second largest manufacturing employer in Louisiana. That is the true Louisiana success story.

The Louisiana Forestry Association today is a statewide, private, nonprofit association made up of 5,000  members, mostly large and small landowners along with foresters, employees of forest products industries, wood suppliers , loggers and related industries. You can check out our committees by clicking here and then volunteer to join with us.

You can also keep up with the activities of the Louisiana Forestry Association on our Facebook page with up-to-the mnute notices of interest to the forestry community.

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 What's New Around Louisiana
  • Farm Bill Passes- Feb. 4, 2014: Congress has passes a new Farm Bill that includes a provision that keeps the forestry exemption and stops the requirement for permitting of forest roads.
    • Tax Tips for Forest Landowners available
      Help for filing your federal income tax if you are a forest landowner is given in this federal bulletin. Click here
    • Supreme Court sides with forestry
      The U.S. Supreme Court ruled March 20 that runoff from forest roads should not be considered industrial pollution and will not require a permit from the EPA. Forest interests still want Congress to pass legislation that will make the issue ironclad.
    • Convention at Sam's Town Resort
        The annual convention Aug. 26-28 will be at Sam's Town Resort in Shreveport. Exhibit info will be mailed in May and registration info in June.
    • Cool Planet Energy announces plants
      Cool Planet Energy Systems out of Denver will build three La. biorefineries using biomass to make gasoline. They will build plants at the ports of Alexandria and Natchitoches, they said.
    • Packaging Corp Buys Boise
      Packaging Corp. of America, the fourth largest U.S. producer of corrugated shipping boxes, will buy Boise Inc. for about $1.27 billion.  This will include the Louisiana holdings including the DeRidder paper mill. See more here.
    • Proposed listing of long-eared bat
        Louisiana is included in the states that would be affected if the northern long-eared bat is included in a new listing as a threatened and endangered species.
    • Jeffrey Martinez named FRA regional logger. The Zwolle logger was chosen over all other nominees from the South. To read more click here.
    • Specialty License Plate
      The Office of Motor Vehicles is now selling the specialty forestry license plates. Those who signed up for number 1-100 have received their instructions. Others can go to www.expresslane.org and check special plates to receive one of your own.proceeds going to the Office of Forestry for its fire fighting fund.
    • Federal DOL delay H2B wage rule
      The Dept. of Labor on Aug. 30 delaying indefinitely wage rules for the H-2B temporary guest workers. Congress passed legislation to defund it but the "emergency wage rules" in effect are almost as burdensome. It is also not withdrawing the rule but only delaying it.

    • Rayonier forester position: Rayonier is looking for an experienced forester in the Lufkin, Texas area. Click here for more details.
    • Plum Creek forester position: Plum Creek has four open positions for resources forester in Farmerville, Joyce, Brookhaven, Miss. and Brunswick, Ga. Check out www.plumcreek.com.
    • Position wanted: Experienced forestry technician is looking for a full time position. See his resume here.
    • Silviculture Forester Needed:RoyOMartin is hiring a Silviculture Forester for its Oakdale forestry district. For more information, click here.
    • Drax Biomass Forester Opening: Drax Biomass is looking for a fiber procurement manager to be located in Bastrop, La. For more information, click here.
 Forestry Related Tax News

Jindal signs tax credit for loggers, mills

Loggers and mill operators can exclude three cents from the state sales tax on parts and labor in July 2012. Two years ago the bill was passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal to phase in the sales tax exclusion.

A logger who buys a $20,000 transmission will be able to exclude three cents of the state sales tax in July 2012 -- a $600 saving. The exemption  is removed entirely in 2013.

To receive the exemption loggers must fill out the same paperwork as they do for the equipment exemption (see above). The form to look for Under Applications for Exemptions is R-1070 and there will be special instructions for the Dept. of Revenue for this new program. The website has both the form and instructions to download. For questions or help call the Dept. of Revenue at (225) 219-7462.
Check the website link at http://revenue.louisiana.gov/sections/taxforms/default.aspx?code=SLS&year=2012