Timber Valuations and Severance

Timber valuation for 2012-2015

    The Louisiana Tax Commission has approved new timberland assessments for ad valorem tax
purposes for the 2012-2015 tax years. The timber valuation decreased in each of the four timberland
classes. The new assessments begin with the 2012 tax notices.
            Timberland             2012- 2015       2008- 2011     % change
              Class I                   $38.67               $40.65          -5.0%
              Class II                  $27.47               $29.37          -6.0%
              Class III                 $12.05               $13.78          -13%
              Class IV                 $7.53                $ 8.89            -15%
   Ad valorem taxes paid by landowners are determined by these assessed values multiplied by
the millage rates in each parish. Taxes can differ significantly due to the millage but the assessed values
are constant in all parishes.
    The Louisiana Tax Assessor’s Association and the Louisiana Forestry Association worked closely
with the Tax Commission in providing information for the new assessments. If you have questions,
please call the LFA office. For information on the different timber classes, click here.


2015 Severance Tax Set     

The Louisiana Forestry Commission set stumpage values to be used for timber severance tax computations. These values are in effect for Jan. 1, 2015 through Dec. 31, 2015.

            The sawtimber and chip-n-saw regular severance tax rate is 2 1/4 percent of the sawtimber stumpage value. The pulpwood regular severance tax rate is 5 percent of the stumpage value.           


2015 Severance Tax


Product                  2015 Stumpage Value         Severance Tax

Pine sawtimber            $253.47/mbf $31.68/ton            $5.70/mbf $.71/ton

Hdwd sawtimber         $332.50/mbf $35/ton                 $7.48/mbf $.79/ton

Chip-n-saw                  $44.55/cord $16.50/ton             $1.00/cord $.37/ton

Pine pulpwood             $23.21/cord $8.76/ton              $1.16/cord $.44/ton

Hdwd pulpwood          $29.93/cord $10.50/ton            $1.49/cord $.53/ton