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Forests & People Magazine - 1st Quarter 2015

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Forests & People Magazine - 1st Quarter 2015

Select Stories from Forests & People - March 2015

A Drone in Your Forest
Buzzing like a giant mosquito, its four propellers lifting it smoothly off the concrete parking lot, the little drone looks as if it could play an integral role in a Star Wars movie.

Fossilized Wood in Central Louisiana
The little-known petrified palm “harvest” By Georgiann Gullett The story of where Louisiana’s Gulf coast once lay is literally written in stone – or in this case, wood that turned to stone.

Column by Buck Vandersteen
The laws of economics say that if you want more of something you tax it less.

Forestry 101: Aim for Big Sawlogs
When discussing management of Southern yellow pine we often speak of the rotation period and the diameter of harvested trees–– the two obviously related.

Opinion Piece: Demand for Wood is Good
Power generator Drax is converting from coal to sustainable biomass.


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