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Forests & People Magazine - 4th Quarter 2015

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Forests & People Magazine - 4th Quarter 2015

Forestry 101: Maps and aerial photographs
Maps and aerial photographs are important to the landowner for many reasons. They are helpful in showing the location, boundaries, access and roads within the subject property.

Lewis Peters: Pioneering forester found niche in courthouse
Lewis Peters of Baton Rouge was a boy obsessed with the outdoors when he entered forestry school at LSU in the late 1940s. Consulting foresters were as rare as kiwi and kale in 1951 when he completed his master’s degree in forestry from Yale University.

Opinion: The coastal forests of La.
The coastal forest of south Louisiana, which consists of 1.0 million acres of land nestled near the bottom of the 1.2 million square mile Mississippi River Drainage Basin, is dissected by the Mississippi River and its major distributaries and their respective ridges.

A look ahead and beyond for forestry
Weyerhaeuser and Plum Creek recently announced the merger of their two companies creating the largest private timber company in the United States.

N.O. artist replicates nature’s designs
Paul Troyano may live in the heart of New Orleans, only steps away from the hubbub of Canal Street, but the natural world is never very far from his mind nor fingertips.


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