Hoping to bring CLT, MPP to Louisiana

If you are connected to the forest products industry and haven’t heard about CLT or MPP, you are behind the curve. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) and massive plywood panels (MPP) products, used in building tall buildings in Europe for more than a decade, have exploded on the scene in the United States over the past five years. CLT and MPP are the hottest products to hit the building market in years and could have as great an impact on wood product markets and manufacturing as oriented strandboard did since its meteoric rise to dominate plywood in sheathing and roofing. As the United States looks for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, the construction industry and architects are searching for

Everything you wanted to know about planting

The two big events in the life of a forest are the day you harvest your timber and get a check and the day you replant and re-invest in another generation of trees. In Louisiana, that reforestation decision — whether it is pine or hardwoods — takes time and planning. Robert Tassin, consulting forester with Baker Land & Timber in Alexandria, outlines the keys to a successful planting: Good site preparation. A good management plan. Good genetics in your seedlings. A good planting crew with good supervision. Fortunately Louisiana also has a good cost-share program called the Forest Productivity Program or FPP. Landowners can apply April 1 of each year to be eligible for 50-percent cost share on

Great Southern Lumber's William Sullivan began aggressive reforestation near Bogalusa

Fueled largely by out-of-state capital, the early 20th century lumber boom fundamentally changed the look of Louisiana ... and was far-reaching. With a policy of “cut out and get out,” natural resources were lost by the millions of acres. Large sections of the state, in a relatively short period of time, became vast “stumpscapes” of barren cutover land. Some 4.3 million acres of Louisiana virgin timber had been clear cut — a land area roughly the size of the state of New Jersey. One author at the time observed: “The rapidity with which big-time lumbering had entered Louisiana was matched by the speed of its departure.” The early to mid-1920s is generally given as the ending date for the grea

Eating a good way to curb invasive species

Hogs have eaten their way through forests and farmland, damaging crops and chasing away desired game. The state hopes its program will help Louisianans eat into the rate of its rapidly growing population. The problem with feral hogs in Louisiana is neither new nor unique to many regions of the United States. Louisiana Agriculture & Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain says the wild hogs cause about $50 million of damage in the state every year. Eat-outs of crops have been reported for decades. The invasive species also love to dig up seedlings to feast on the tap root. “We’re killing more than 350,000 each year and the population is still exploding,” Strain said. So what can folks do? Eat them.

Louisiana Logger - July 2017

Sibley's faith in more than business; Congressmen get an earful during logger visit; GPI, DHL to spend millions on new facility; Advanced BMPs to be mandatory in 2018; Continuing education safety classes set for October, November Click here to view the complete magazine online

Wood power: Drax making improvements two years into operation

When Drax Biomass began construction of its wood pellet mill north of Bastrop, it projected the $160 million facility would create 45 full-time jobs. Two years into its operation that estimate has been proven wrong. There are more than 65 full-time workers, a company official said. Morehouse Bioenergy became operational in 2015. The decision to develop such a facility was made when Drax wanted to be assured of a steady supply of compressed wood pellets for its power plant that provides about 8 percent of electricity to the United Kingdom. In 2014, it converted the second of its six coal-burning turbines to biomass. Drax Biomass supplies 10-12 percent of Drax Power Station wood pellet demand,

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