Girls can enjoy forestry just like the guys

In 1913, the U.S. Forest Service was still feeling the burn of the destructive fires that consumed nearly 3 million acres of timberland in Montana and Idaho three years earlier. Men were hired as fire fighters and lookouts in an effort to prevent more disastrous fires. In California’s Klamath National Forest, one of these new hires was unlike any that occurred before. Her name was Hallie Morse Daggett and she was the first female USFS fire lookout. For 15 years at the Eddy Gulch Lookout, Daggett performed a job that required a vigilant eye, perseverance through uncomfortable working conditions and isolation — the station was a three-hour hike from civilization. It was a job only men had done

Cool-season food plots attract more deer

Fast forward to November, opening of deer gun season. You make it to your stand in the dark, load and wait for dawn. As light filters over the landscape shapes take form and several of the shapes have white tails. Your objective. Twin fawns born last summer bounce in. Eager for an oat breakfast. Ah, the carefree behavior of youth. Then their mother doe pokes her head out from a deer trail and checks the breeze for human interlopers. Finding no scary scent — you are down wind — she saunters into the plot for her breakfast. She pops her head up periodically, checking for you or maybe her soon-to-be lover. You wait for the nice eight-point you saw on game camera. You take a moment to reflect on

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