LPJA supports work-together amendment

LLC session of '18 annual meeting.

Three speakers were featured in the annual seminar of the Louisiana Logging Council held in Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino in Shreveport on Aug. 28.

They talked about police jury issues, rapidly developing drone technologies and developing markets for loggers.

Malcolm Sibley, president of the Louisiana Logging Council, thanked the sponsors: Lott Oil, McGriff Insurance, Sabine State Bank and Southern Loggers Co-op.

He introduced Guy Cormier first. Cormier has served in various positions in police juries and the legislature; currently, he is assistant executive director of the Louisiana Police Jury Association. He gave an update from the parish police jury perspective.

On Nov. 6, there will be six amendments on the ballot. Constitutional Amendment No. 3 is an amendment that makes it legal for police juries to cooperate with each other.

This might make reason stare, but the Louisiana constitution states police juries are allowed to work together only during officially declared natural disasters. Any other time, they are not allowed to cooperate. If this ballot item passes, the parish police juries can cooperate any time.

Cormier gave an example from the time he served on the St. Martin Parish Police Jury. A neighboring parish had a long-reach excavator and it shared it among parishes as needed. Later, he discovered this violated the state constitution.

However, during declared natural disasters, this same sharing is legal.

Amendment No. 3 will make sharing equipment legal all the time.

Cormier asked people who were in the audience to vote in favor of Constitutional Amendment No. 3, so that parishes can work together more efficiently and economically.

When legislative bills do not pass, the authors often turn the bills into Study Resolutions. Some of the study commissions the Louisiana Police Jury Association will serve on includes sewer system improvement needs, preserving ancestral burial grounds and whether to require CPR training of 911 dispatchers, which is not required now.