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Early voting begins Saturday, Sept. 28

This election year is important to everyone in Louisiana, but for the forest products industry, it is crucial.

During the last regular session of the Louisiana Legislature, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would have potentially reduced the cost of insurance for loggers. However, despite the tort-reform bill that could have reduced insurance rates for all motorists, a state Senate committee consisting of a majority of trial attorneys killed it.

It’s important for folks in the forest products industry to seek out and vote for candidates at least in part based on their appreciation for and understanding of forestry.

As voters make their selection for the upcoming election, the Forestry Political Action Council, or ForPAC, would like to suggest a list of candidates who have a good appreciation for and understanding of the forest products industry.

ForPAC is a state political advocacy organization supporting those candidates seeking public office in the Louisiana, especially in the Louisiana Legislature:

Commissioner of Ag & Forestry: Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain

Senate District 12 — Senator Beth Mizell

Senate District 13 — Senate Candidate Rogers Pope

Senate District 21 — Senator Brett Allain

Senate District 28 — Senate Candidate Heather Cloud

Senate District 30 — Senate Candidate Mike Reese

Senate District 31 — Senate Candidate Louie Bernard

Senate District 35 — Senator Jim Fannin

Senate District 36 — Senate Candidate Robert Mills

Senate District 37 — Senator Barrow Peacock

Senate District 38 — Senate Candidate Barry Milligan

House District 10 — Representative Wayne McMahen

House District 13 — Representative Jack McFarland

House District 22 — Representative Candidate Gabe Firment

House District 21 — Representative Candidate Neil Riser

House District 24 — Representative Candidate Rodney Schamerhorn

House District 32 — Representative Candidate Herman Ray Hill

House District 62 — Representative Roy Daryl Adams

House District 71 — Representative Candidate Buddy Mincey Jr.

House District 72 — Representative Robby Carter

House District 73 — Representative Bill Wheat

House District 75 — Representative Malinda White

House District 95 — Representative Sherman Mack

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