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2024-2025 Hunting Liability policies is a great buy!

Terms run Aug. 1, 2024-Aug. 1, 2025

Outdoor Underwriters is accepting applications for insurance and renewals. Click on the link below for the application that suits your needs and download the appropriate form. Fill it out and follow the instructions. Remember to participate in the LFA/Outdoor Underwriter insurance program, you must be a current member of the Louisiana Forestry Association. Membership renewals are sent each December for the following year. If your hunting club has changed contact information — mailing address, phone number and email address — you will need to send the changes to the LFA and Outdoor Underwriters. For membership questions, call the LFA office at 318-443-2558 or email Tyann Smith at


Outdoor Underwriters is our Authorized Representative

The LFA group hunting lease and timberland liability insurance programs are working exclusively with Outdoor Underwriters, a part of the Allstar Financial Group. Coverage amounts do not change and Lloyd's of London is still the underwriter for the policies. Premiums will change from year to year.


You can sign up for new or renewal policies online and pay for it with your Visa or MasterCard by going to


Their phone number is 866-961-4101.

State hunting & Fishing licenses information

Need more information about hunting and fishing licenses? Did you know that veterans and disabled veterans can get licenses at discounted prices? Go to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries to learn more.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

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