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LLC Membership


Louisiana Logging Council —

                                       By Loggers ... For Loggers

The Louisiana Logging Council is a professional group of logging contractors operating within the Louisiana Forestry Association. The Council engages in logging issues and advocates for loggers.


10 Reasons to belong to the Louisiana Logging Council
• Defenders of your Right to Practice Logging
• Master Logger Certification
• Database and Website Management
• Third Party Certification of Harvesting Practices
• Representation at Federal, State and Local levels on Logging and Trucking Issues
• Information on State and Federal Regulations
• Regular LLC Chapter Meetings
• Partnership with OSHA
• Partnership with DOTD
• OSHA Information

The purposes of the LLC are:
• To improve and expand the use of professional logging and trucking practices
• To advance logging and trucking issues before regulatory and governmental agencies
• To provide educational training for members
• To improve logger and trucker safety
• To improve the public image of the profession

The council will be governed by a chairman, elected by members, and a seven-member managerial committee. The council is an affiliate of the Louisiana Forestry Association.

The Louisiana Logging Council has an annual seminar in August during the Louisiana Forestry Association annual meeting. Chapter meetings are held more frequently during the year.


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Membership Information

You can download the following form, fill it out and mail it in today with your check and become a part of the Council. You will also receive the Louisiana Logger magazine each quarter.

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Officers for 2024

Council President:

John Keith Chapter 2

Northwest, LA

(318) 949-3672email:

Chapter Chairmen are:

Kendall Puckett, Chapter 1 co-chair
Northeast, LA
(318) 245-6874

Sam Terral, Chapter 1 co-chair

Northeast, LA

(318) 245-6051


John Keith Chapter 2
Northwest, LA
(318) 949-3672

Lowell Hubbard Chapter 3
North Central LA
(318) 302-9329

Chapter 4 — Vacant

Angie Bonner, Chapter 5

Southwest LA

(337) 208-6813


Mark Konzelman, Chapter 6

Southeast  LA

(601) 542-5994


Chapter 7 — vacant
West Central LA


LLC Districts.jpg
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