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ForPAC endorses 21 candidates for La. Legislature

The Forestry Political Action Council, ForPAC, endorses the following candidates to the Louisiana State Legislature. Early voting begins Saturday September 30th for the Primary Election October 14th. The run-off, General Election, is November 18, 2023.

Louisiana Sentate Candidates

Stewart Cathey Jr.- Senate District 33

Katrina Jackson-Senate District 34

Buddy Mincey, Jr- Senate District 13

Thomas Pressly- Senate District 38

Bill Wheat- Senate District 37

Louisiana House of Representatives Candidates

Roy Daryl Adams- House District 62

Larry Bagley- House District 7

Clarence Beebe- House District 24

Robby Carter- House District 72

Kimberly Landry Coates- House District 73

Kellee Hennessy Dickerson- House District 64

Daryl Deshotel- House District 28

Jason DeWitt- House District 25

Tammi Fabre-House District 18

Foy Gadberry- House District 15

Dodie Horton- House District 9

Shane Mack- House District 95

Danny McCormick- House District 1

Chuck Owens- House District 30

Neil Riser-House District 20

Francis Thompson- House District 19

John Wyble- House District 75

ForPac is the Political Action Committee for Forestry in Louisiana. ForPac is part of the Louisiana Forestry Association, representing landowners, loggers and industry.

The forest community also congratulates numerous local and state officials supportive of forestry who were re-elected without opposition.


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