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Louisiana pinesnake 4(d) rule published

The 4(d) Rule for protection of the Louisiana pinesnake has been finalized and published in the Federal Register. The publication, attached to this email and posted to the Louisiana Forestry Association’s website, can be downloaded for those wanting to read though the document in PDF form.

Joe Ranson, field supervisor for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), said his office is working on developing a key for the Louisiana pinesnake to be included in IPAC — Information for Planning and Consultation — an online service that allows anyone to determine whether they have to clear a project in an area that could have the pine snake. He said once established, possibly in April, a forester or landowner wanting to plan a harvest or replanting could, through a series of questions, find out whether a plan would have to be considered through FWS.

If the program determines there would be no effect or not likely to have an adverse effect, approval could be granted through the online program. If it could likely have an adverse effect, the plan would have to be approved through FWS.


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