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Steam-up event set at SFHM

The inaugural Long Leaf Steam-Up event is set for Oct. 23-24 at the Southern Forest Heritage Museum (SFHM), rain or shine.

The event will feature several "Gauge 1" live steam-powered locomotive models from the International Small Scale Steam-Up Company. Temporary tracks will be set up in the Lumber Storage sheds. Want to learn about a steam-up event? check out the video from the Small Scale Steam-Up Company by clicking here.

The much-anticipated news of the Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf M-4, affectionately referred to as the "Doodlebug," will be in operation for the Steam-Up Event. The locomotive had been out of commission for repairs since May. Volunteers of the Red River & Gulf Railroad group will enthusiastically bring groups of people around the perimeter of the museum.

Entrance to the event and museum is $5 per person; entrance for children 5 years old and younger is free. Train rides are $5 per person; children 5 years old and younger will ride for free.

For more information, go to the SFHM website,


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