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Part 2 of Reform & Revenue podcast released

State Rep. Jack McFarland, who also is a Master Logger from Winnfield, is crafting legislation that would make additional reforms to how the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development spends money and propose a fuel tax that would be dedicated to roads and bridges.

Over the past several weeks, he has toured the state seeking input from his colleagues and civic organizations on what reforms could be pursued as well as getting feedback from the public.

In the Louisiana Forestry Association's podcast, Minding the Forest, McFarland talks about the forms being sought and proposals for new tax money and how it would be spent. It is a two-part series where part one was released a couple of weeks ago and part two is available beginning today.

Click on the link below to find both parts of the podcast, as well as previous podcasts released, including a two-part series on Timber and Taxes.


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